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In all reality, if you are a human being you should be against abortions even if you see them as a necessary evil. At this point in our modern society still the best option we can offer women is to kill their babies?

We usually see a lot of the far left complaining about how things hurt people of color disproportionately but in this case, the vast majority of babies killed are babies of color, and in a society where people of color are a minority it should really upset any human being that most babies killed are those of color but for some reason this is one of those wild card issues with Liberals.

They normally defend people of color when disproportionately harmed but not for abortions. They normally defend women unless a man who wants to act like a woman is involved then crushing women is okay to defend this “new better woman”. They normally hate religion in schools and Government unless it is Muslim, then suddenly they have to bend over backwards to defend everything Muslim. They normally talk about the evils of big money in elections, until that big money is handed to them and suddenly they love big money in elections. Hillary spent twice as much as Trump, and still lost, but not a single Democrats has any problem at all with how she raised all that money, lol.

In other words, Democrats are hypocrites.

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