How were you “crushed” by diversity?
Rob Smith

In general Democrats expend all of their energy on pet projects like defending illegal aliens as more important than American citizens. There is no debate that illegals gobble up trillions of taxpayer dollars and being as they work under the table they do not pay any federal taxes to help keep the system going.

Illegals are suppressing wages, they flood service industry jobs and keep those jobs paying artificially low wages. If there were no illegals then those jobs would pay more, meaning more income to tax and more disposable income spent locally and not sent to Mexico to stimulate their economy. We are shifting hundreds of billions from America and to Mexico, good deal for Mexico, bad deal for our economy.

Hillary Clinton actually said a couple years ago that Mexico’s refusal to help their needy was driving those needy to America. America is Mexico’s social safety net, again, good deal for Mexico, not so much for America.

So what do Americans get? Cheap, slave labor, cheap produce.

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