For me, the issue is not so much whether it is legal and/or constitutional or not.
James Michael Wilkinson

Interesting evil inspired fantasy but what about the dead people on the streets? Just wave those off as nothing? I thought Liberals supported minorities but you stand by and watch hundreds of Blacks get slaughtered on the streets of their neighborhoods and you never want to do anything to help?

The Federal Government has stepped into cities and States to establish order before. Safety on the streets is a civil right. If the local police and elected officials in Chicago flat refuse to help these black neighborhoods, that is a civil rights violation and the Feds have ever right to step in and reestablish safety.

The situation has been getting progressively worse in Chicago for many years now, it is not like this is just a small change over a short time, a trend of neglect and irresponsible police refusing to stop the violence and corrupt politicians who actually like the violence because it keeps them in power has been established. Time for the feds to take action on these civil rights violations.

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