By bring up something the Clinton’s did or did not do has become old hat by now, this has nothing…
Jade Leigh Williams

It goes to prove the massive double standard with all of you on the radical left.

Bill Clinton had a lot more credible complaints against him and not 1 of you cared, Bill Clinton is still loved deeply by every Democrat in America. If you give Bill Clinton a free pass, you can’t try to attack Trump for much lesser examples.

Do we now want to make it a habit of accusing the victim of wrong doing every time?

The Woman is making her own accusation, is the man to be assumes always guilty without evidence? Or is that only Men who happen to be Conservative?

Do we want to take this route so that women become to terrified to report incidence such as these.

We need to hold them accountable because 1 unfounded accusation can destroy a normal man even if he is not guilty. I have seen men driven out of jobs to later find out the woman lied and it was too late to rebuild the man’s reputation and career, he is forever tainted by the accusation.

So if the woman makes the claim, she damn well be able to back it up because she is playing with fire. This is no joke and needs to be treated seriously.

When there are a large number of incidence like these the odds are that it highly unlikely to be lies or fabrications.

And as already pointed out, Bill Clinton had way more accusations, way more credible claims, and nobody cares. You were all ready to put him back into the Whitehouse only this time with nothing to do with his time but to chase Interns. Smart.

You can’t have it both ways, you embraced Bill Clinton and gave him a free pass, so shut up about Trump until there is hard evidence. You find actual evidence and I am right there beside you condemning the man, but the last I looked we live in America where the presumption of innocence is still a founding principle.

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