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This isn’t a forum. This is a social media platform. They’re not the same thing. And you’re still failing to understand the definition of “troll”. FYI.

It is a forum, and you are indeed playing the troll.

I really don’t care what you say to me. As long as you post bigoted things, I am going to report your bigotry for what it is. End of story.

And you have not the first clue what a bigot is if you think anything I said was bigoted.

But you’re welcome to keep replying to me if it gives you some kind of perverse satisfaction to do so. Which, given your persistence, I assume it must.

You are the one who started trolling me, lol. It must give you some sick pleasure playing the bully, but I will not be intimidated by your threats and troll behaviors. If you toss hate at me I will reply.

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