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It is certainly “possible” that there is large scale voter fraud, for example, California does not require any form of government issued Identification to register to vote or to actually cast a ballot. All you have to do is sign an affidavit and you are able to vote in every election without any proof at all of who you are and if you are a citizen and many States have the exact same standards.

Some try to claim that nobody would ever risk telling a lie when signing up to vote because it is a felony, but let’s remember that any illegal who has been deported and returns is committing a felony too and we know millions of illegals have been deported more than once. In fact almost all of the illegals who finally get arrested for murders and such have been deported 5 or 6 times before they finally get busted for something truly horrible. The illegal who killed Kate Steinle had been deported 5 previous times before killing her, but what most Liberals do not want to admit to, he had 7 felony convictions in his past as well, not just deportations. And still California blindly shields even hard criminal illegals from deportation.

So there is no way an illegal would be scared of a “felony” charge if they sign up to vote, especially in a State that is very supportive of illegals in any way possible, no local prosecutor would ever enforce that law, ever. It would be political suicide.

Lastly, several California cities have even openly stated they want to openly allow illegals voter in their local elections, so their intents are pretty clear.

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