“It would cots ten times as much to do public events all over America than for Trump to go to one…

It is common sense, Obama traveling around all over America means planning and masses of secrete service must go before the President and secure the areas, secure the routs, establish reserve of his blood type etc all that alone would cost more than Trump will spend just going to a known area.

You have to remember that when Obama traveled everyone he would be in contact with had to be screened, well Trump’s staff and all those associated are already screened, the area is already set up for security, there is nothing new to do but when Obama traveled all over the place millions of background checks, millions of interviews, millions of parked cars and rooftops and small aircraft all have to be checked and watched and screened all to keep the President safe.

Trump is going to established areas, like when Bush would go to his ranch.

And the children taking separate vacations, of course the Presidents children are high priority targets, teams of secrets service moving to Jamaica for a month to screen their trips was a cost Trump will never have.

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