Do you really think that who says something is more important than the substance of what is being…
Tim Carpenter

Do you really think that who says something is more important than the substance of what is being said?

It is important to assess their motives in order to identify if their comments are biased in some way. In this case Warren clearly has no issue at all with corruption and wall street controlling politicians because she openly embraced the more corrupt professional politician to ever participate in American politics, so her motives to attack Trump on that point are 100% motivated by political animus.

Once we have identified her true motive as evil, anything that issues from her mouth is garbage.

Do you think hypocrisy somehow magically invalidates a person’s perspective with a wave of your hand?

Wave of my hand? No of course not, but once a person like Warren has shown herself to be corrupt herself, her pointing a finger at lesser corruption is something no thinking human being should pay any attention to because she is clearly not being honest.

Rewarding hypocrisy breeds more hypocrisy.

I’m telling you these are the most basic of argumentative fallacies but you are apparently too stubborn to acknowledge it. Your arguments are supremely unconvincing to any person with critical thinking skills. Enjoy your bubble.

And you are wrong, it is you who limits your exposure to the world to these kinds of far left echo chambers, you need to wallow in this hate spewing environment to reinforce your own hostile behaviors and beliefs. I do not even have an account on a single conservative or right wing website.

Motives must always be considered when looking at what people are saying, especially when they are attacking someone else. But that is the problem with most Liberals, once you have picked someone like Warren to worship, you never question them or their motives, what they say is as if from God and you just accept it as such. Blind devotion is one of the hallmarks of the far left.