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It is not lies if Trump pushes for the things he promised and Congress stops him, for example Trump has worked with Congress on repealing Obamacare and tax reforms but it is not his fault if the weak kneed Republicans are too scare to govern.

The reason Trump beat all the professional politician Republicans in the primaries is because the people have seen the establishment Republicans talk a big game but when it comes time to actually do what they promise to do-, they back down. Republicans promised for 8 years that they would end Obamacare and now that they actually have the power to do exactly that, they are too scared to do it.

Trump is doing his part, he is pushing for all of the things he promised to fight for, but it is Congress who refuses to do their part, Trump couldn't even get a cabinet in place to help him enact and fight for his agenda, one man can only do so much.

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