Again, having not been there neither of us can make that claim as if it was true.
Graham Skelly

Again, having not been there neither of us can make that claim as if it was true. (that they were all of same mind set…)

It is true, she admitted it, otherwise I would not say it.

Also the study looked at the difference from previous years and the recent year. So even if “primed to look for bias” shouldn’t they have found it consistently? no their was a change.

But was there a change? When you swap out different people and different preconceived expectations and more importantly, an ambiguous definition from study to study there is no possible way to legitimately claim there has been an increase.

Lastly they didn’t provide judgement on what was said, only tried to describe. maybe you approve of what was said and the differences in how people talked about female vs male athletes.

Subjective. Again those labeling certain comments as racist etc are looking at these things with their own biases and preconceived expectations.

Louis (hope you don’t mind me calling you Louis)

Been called a lot worse than that by your team so using my actual name is okay with me, lol.

when I addressed your concerns in another post you told me you didn’t read them accused me of not addresssing what you wrote. In the post I read about the study, you dismissed it told us what was wrong with it and that was the end of the conversation.

I have a lot of conversations with a lot of people and some studies are obviously garbage (like this one) and some are not. Some I look very deep and some I look shallow, but I do look at all of them and I do not know the one you think I said I never read any of it but it may be part of one I have read elsewhere or repeated garbage anyone with a brain knows is Bull like claiming there is no election fraud, if you can’t check ID it is 100% impossible to claim there is no fraud, maybe you can say it is unlikely, but you can’t claim it is impossible.

If I had worked hard on a study I might be offended and be defensive when talking to you too.

Why would I care if they are offended? If the study is garbage then it is garbage, as I pointed out she is a long time race baiter who consistently calls people racists who simply do not agree with her so why would any study where she is again pointing fingers and name calling be considered valid?

Her entire career is based on falsely playing the race card, I could not possibly care less about her feelings.

I don’t know her politics, but as a person who is further left then Bernie Sanders, and could be called the “far left”, I categorically reject bullying or trolling,

You are the exception, and her politics is and has always been perfectly clear, she has made it public many times, even did CNN interviews, she is a known factor.

And she followed the far left playbook, ending up with name calling and accusing me and Dallas of only taking issue with her and her study because we are racists.

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