The 2nd Amendment is not in any danger.

It was under Hillary. Let’s remember two key comments from Hillary. She wanted to remove the protection from lawsuits gun makers currently have, and she favored the forced Government confiscation with reimbursement Australia used.

The first is pretty clear, let the lawsuits run gun makers out of business, once the protections were removed we would see millions of lawsuits filed instantly putting every gun maker out of business.

The second is clear that Hillary saw the forced confiscation as a good idea.

A third fact is we only have the individual right to possess firearms because of a 5 to 4 vote in the Supreme court, the 4 Liberal Justices are on record as being against any idea that Americans have a right to own firearms outside of a Government run Militia. Change 1 justice and we lose that right another way. So Hillary represented 3 possible ways Americans could lose the right to self-defense in America.

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