You clearly do not understand how the law works because it is perfectly legal to hold someone for…
Brylar Foustark

You clearly do not understand how the law works because it is perfectly legal to hold someone for 24–48 hours after a self defense claim on killing someone unless there is clear and convincing evidence, ON THE SCENE proving self defense.

Just because law enforcement “CAN” hold someone that does not mean they should. Yes there was clear evidence supporting self-defense. He was sitting in his car and it was McKnight who in a fit of rage got out of his car and went after Gasser and Gasser had no avenue of escape.

That one fact, that supports self-defense.

I also already told you that the initial Coroner report proved the early witnesses claiming Gasser dragged McKnight out of his car and shot him were liars.

So as a cop, you see that the only witnesses reporting Gasser did something wrong are clear liars, and the only evidence you can verify points to self-defense, you still believe a cop is obligated to arrest the person anyway?

Here is an opportunity to be a stand up guy or continue the Trumpastyle rants:
Show us the evidence police had in their possession at the time they sent him home.

I already showed it such as the early coroner report I mentioned in my earlier post you seem to be dodging, how about you point to any evidence that Gasser did something wrong? We do live in america where the assumption of innocence is supposed to be a foundation principle but all you far lefties want to do is assume guilt without a shred of evidence.

Surely you do not need to look it up. Surely you learned the facts before claiming it was justifiable to send him home.

I am conservatives, of course I looked up the available facts before making comment, only Liberals rely on pure emotion and zero information before they make up their minds.

Last but NOT least, show us where that same police department sent home an African American who killed a Caucasian and claimed self defense on the night of the killing.

Nice try, you are making the assertion that Blacks are treated differently so you find a case where a much larger and stronger White man came after an older weaker Black man, the black man used a gun to defend himself and was arrested, I will accept a credible link to the story for consideration……


Do two wrong make a right in your world? If the gun use was truly self-defense, why subject the victim to torture and arrest? Forget that this is a hated White person for a second and tell me that you really believe innocent people deserve to be tortured in this way? You really believe that?

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