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I remember shivering on the banks of the Bassin de la Villette, Paris’ largest artificial lake, as representatives from indigenous tribes from the Arctic to the Amazon released a declaration calling on global governments to keep fossil fuels in the ground.

Just curious, when you travel all over the world doing these stories are you flying? Do you have a bunch of electronics, computers modern cellphones, etc? My point is to call into question the devotion to keeping oil in the ground by all of you alarmists who are adding more cO2 to the atmosphere than the average American will ever dream of adding.

How many cellphones and laptops will you burn through in your lifetime? How much world travel and other massive waste of oil and it’s various products?

I remember the blockade the radical made of an oil drilling platform in Washington where hundreds of them were out there in the plastic kayaks completely oblivious to the fact their tool to fight oil drilling was itself made from oil, lol.

Look, all I am doing is pointing out the hypocrisy, if you guys want to pretend to care while clearly creating a larger Co2 footprint than the average person then fine, but do not preach to anyone else because that makes you a hypocrite.

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