Waking up from The Dream™
Mike Monteiro

Regardless of how you feel about immigration, you have to admit that in America we don’t punish descendents for the transgressions of their ancestors. That is law. These kids didn’t break the law. They woke up one day in a country that was supposed to give them a chance. And they took it.

Let me offer a “similar example”:

So a Black man in Chicago living in an extremely violent and dangerous area with few opportunities decides to take a big chance, he robs a bank and gets away. So now the man packs up his family and moves to Florida, buys a home, buys a better car, sends his children to better schools and lives a good life.

One day the law catches up to him, they arrest him for his crime and at that point do they let his family keep the “better life” purchased with his criminal act? The wife and children played no part in the crime. The wife and children would be forced to move back to the war zone that is Chicago and the horrible schools, no jobs etc if we take away their new life so do we take it away?

These “kids” may not be responsible for breaking the law, but they are certainly benefitting from breaking the law and also there is no question as to it costing Americans a great deal of money to allow them to keep their stolen life.

I feel bad that these parents did this to their children, but America is not responsible, the parents are responsible for any stress or problem the illegal alien children have.

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