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Let’s be honest, this is not about bathrooms, it is locker rooms and shower areas we are debating, so let’s just drop the lie that this is about bathrooms.

In one of the examples last year one student was offered separate bathroom and shower facilities and the student declined them and demanded to be allowed to shower with the biological girls.

A person’s rights end where the next person’s rights begin. Why do biological girls have to be exposed to a biological boy in the shower areas? I raised a teenage girl, they are already as insecure about their looks and their bodies as it is, a biological boy walking through their shower area is not going to make this any better.

So do biological girls have a right to not be forced to be naked in front of biological boys or not?

My own concern on this is there is zero requirements to suddenly declare yourself a girl other than just saying it. No doctor statement, no hormone treatments, no history of living as a girl, just one day you are a boy and the next day you are a girl only based on you said so.

I also have real issues against letting biological boys compete in girls sports. Girls are already at a severe disadvantage for sports related scholarships compared to boys. Now boys are allowed to play girls sports and easily make the girls look bad and hurt their chances for a scholarship? Have women not worked hard enough to get what little sports related scholarships that are available without having to now also compete against biological boys too?

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