my city is now pushing to become a sanctuary city, thanks Donald Trump!
Rick Infinity

Liberals are all fast to cry about the laws of our land until those laws to not match their political beliefs and then suddenly laws should be ignored?

Every Nation in the world has some form of immigration laws, the majority of illegals we have in America are from Mexico but do you know what immigration laws and enforcement Mexico has?

Here, I will offer you a far, far, far left source so you can’t try to claim it is biased against Mexico, lol:

So why does America have to give all kinds of rights and freedoms to illegals from Mexico when Mexico has nothing but contempt for outsiders themselves?

Why do Liberals believe America has no right to enforce b orders or control immigration?

In Australia they demand any prospective immigrant prove why they will be a benefit to Australia before they are allowed to come. Why can’t America have a similar standard?

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