I completely disagree that it is a lifestyle.
Chris Cook

I completely disagree that it is a lifestyle. I’d like examples of the facts you mention in a general sense. Be specific!

Lifestyle = the habits, attitudes, tastes, moral standards, economic level, etc.,that together constitute the mode of living of an individual or group.

How is it not a lifestyle? If not a lifestyle, what is it? Give me a detailed and specific breakdown of why lifestyle is not proper for these relationships but an accurate description for hetero relationships?

Plenty I have studied in my MA program contradicts your claim. You can believe what you want, but most all ethnographic empirical research, surveys, participant/observation, focus groups, etc., say otherwise.

Academic research is based on those conducting it. In many cases they have to justify their existence and try to push “different” ideas and concepts for the sake of getting the money they get to do research, but at the end of the day what is “proven” can you offer me something that says 100% no people “choose” sexual preferences?

That all sexual behavior is hard wired at birth? does this include child molesters and those with sexual deviant behaviors like Coprophilia and Necrophilia?

I highlighted a section from your response. It makes sense that you observed changes in some folks’ sexual identity. It is fluid, not fixed.

If sexuality is fluid, then it is not set, if it is not set then you can’t claim it is established in genetics and from birth so therefore it must mean that at least for some people it is all choice. Lifestyle.

If you find it immoral, that’s your belief and as much as I find it damaging to fellow Americans, I’m not here to tell you what to think or how to feel. But I will criticize and challenge your position that non-straight relationships and sex represent merely a lifestyle.

I still do not understand your anger over the term lifestyle.

It simply details that people choose their sexual life, especially those who constantly switch their preferences. As far as morality that is more about social norms and social pressures. In some areas murder and rape is okay, stoning gays and women who get raped but do not have witnesses, man is capable of all sorts of crazy stuff and each society sets their own moral standards.

Personally I do not believe gays are immoral on just that point, but I do see people who have a lot of sexual partners as immoral.

One of the things we have been told about gay relationships and same sex marriage is they are exactly like everyone else to include their desire for a monogamous relationship. Exclusivity of sexual relationships is the moral stand, if you are “playing the field” and sleeping with lots of different people no matter what the gender mixture may be, that is immoral in my view.

Each of us have to determine our own morals, I do not believe the only way to be moral is to be religious.

Back to the real point though, I do not see why individuals must be forced to be intimately involved in a lifestyle they find to be immoral and a sin according to their religious beliefs. If you “FORCE” your lifestyle on others, that in my opinion makes you immoral and evil.

And why would you want them? A wedding is supposed to be about love and mutual inspiration and starting your life as a single unit but you really want to start out that new life with an act of hate?

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