Okay, last response because this is just unreasonable.

Lol, ya, run away and refuse to admit you were proven wrong, so typical of you far lefties.

You mentioning the HHS (hardly a independent source of information) says there was a 40% drop proves what exactly? Where did they go? Did they buy insurance policies? Did they spend money top help prop up the the insurance pools or not?

You seem to have completely forgotten the point of the conversation and the fact I was pointing to that the exchanges were doomed from the start because even Obama admitted he needed the young/healthy people to buy policies to help subsidize the older/sick people. Of course I know how Insurance works and evidently Obama did to but the problem was Obamacare itself not being designed correctly to ensure young people purchased policies.

I tried to help you understand this point in my last post where I asked you about Obamacare also letting those same young/healthy people to stay on their parents insurance policies instead of buying a new policy. But I guess that point went over your head?

Either that or you are dodging again?

At any rate you lied when you claimed I did not make this point about not enough young people joined, I said that in my first post you replied to, if you bothered to read for comprehension you would know this.

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