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Look up Republican votes for all of Obama’s cabinet and his two supreme court assignments. Sotomayor was extremely radical Left and still got Republican support with a final tally of 68–31. Kagan, again extremely far left activist and still received a final vote of 63–37 with Republican support.

As much as the far left media has tried to paint Republicans as obstructionists over the last 8 years, it is very clear that they worked with Obama and fellow Democrats to approve many things Republicans could have been more aggressive on. But instead Republicans did the right thing.

Democrats are the true definition of the party of “NO” and refuse to allow even the most basic of cooperation to happen in Washington proving themselves to be bitter and petty and filled with hate to the point they will never agree to anything no matter how reasonable.

The choice is clear, either change the rules or the court will sit without a filled seat for the next 8 years because there is no way Democrats would ever approve of any selection Trump makes.

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