Trump: My son’s Russian collusion doesn’t matter because Hillary Clinton broke debate rules
Josh Israel

It seems the president doesn’t know what ‘illegal’ means.

Looks like the writer also has no clue what “illegal” means as well because nothing JR did was illegal. Foolish and indicative of not being a career professional politician sure, but nothing illegal.

Just meeting with someone of Russian heritage is not illegal, in all those emails it is very clear JR never asked for a single thing, he was offered something but based on words alone there is nothing specific or detailed, just some vague promise of some information against Hillary. JR also clearly never even wanted to meet with her, he attempted to keep it a phone conversation and this is clear in many of those emails too.

He met with her, when it was clear she set up the meeting under false pretenses he ended the meeting. There is nothing criminal about any of that.

Facts, not emotions Josh.

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