Does Trump’s lawyer not know how to use spell check?
Patricia Duran

Looks more like the Democrats hopes are in that meat grinder to me, lol.

Comey admitted Trump was never under investigation till the day he left office, this means not 1 shred of evidence exists to show Trump was colluding with Russia, this is an important point after a year of intense investigation has already gone by.

Comey also admitted all Trump did was “hope” for a certain outcome, never ordering him to drop the investigation into Flynn. Comey attempted to say he “believed” it to be a directive but according to the Federal obstruction laws, there must be much, much more then just a request for a certain outcome.

Comey even admitted Trump was supportive of the investigation and he wanted to find out if anyone in his circles had done anything wrong. Hard to claim Trump is trying to obstruct something when he is Gladly saying it is a good thing, lol.

Comey shockingly admitted to leaking Federal documents to the media. He tried to claim he considered his official notes as private but both FBI regulations and the Federal records act specifically defines any product from official meetings are the property of the Federal Government.

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