I’m not going to respond much to this because I have other things to read and write.

Maybe “obey” and “submit” are the better words, not so much you do as you are told out of love but instead out of a feeling of obligation or duty? I don;t know, all ?I do know is armies of Liberals attacked Trump events but you never saw any mobs of Conservatives attack Hillary or Bernie events. Conservatives may not like what you have to say but they do not feel like they need to silence you, while Liberals are attempting to silence those they do not agree with all over America, sometimes by force.

So clearly the left does wallow in emotions more than those on the right.

I am very good friends of actual life long Liberals, many of them, and none of them voted for Hillary Clinton, they all said that any “true” Liberal could never vote for a life long corrupt Corporate Democrat and that the Clintons are the most responsible for transforming American Democrats into the corrupt beast it is today.

I have nothing but respect for actual Liberals, but those who hang out at echo chambers like this one are not true Liberals, so when I use the term in my comments it is of course with that understanding that those reading are not actual Liberals in the classic sense.