Exaggerate much?

Exaggerate much? There were a handful of protesters at any given Trump rally, not millions.

Millions as in several thousands at each rally, thousands on forums and message boards, even high level media outlets and groups like moveon.org.

Trump couldn’t get millions of his OWN SUPPORTERS to attend his rallies.

Please, this kind or pretending to be stupid is disingenuous garbage, this is the best you can offer? Why bother? Trump had way, way bigger events than Hillary or Bernie and on top of that, Trump had twice as many events, he clearly had millions of Americans show up.

If the Democrats were that organized, THEY WOULD HAVE WON THE DAMN ELECTION. Oh.. Wait.. They kind if did, with millions more in the popular vote…

Organization was not the issue. Hillary had about 1,000 professional staffers, Trump had just over 100. Hillary had tens of thousands of experienced ground game, Trump had zero. Hillary spent over $1.2 Billion dollars while Trump only spent about $600 million.

You won something nobody was competing for, not hard to win something nobody tried to get, lol. And being as Hillary won California by over 5 million votes, an overall 3 million vote popular vote margin does not really mean anything, lol.

The laws noted and linked in the articles

Irrelevant to the discussion at hand and certainly had nothing to do with Donald Trump.

Because I can’t prove a conspiracy on the side of the Trumps team, to do the exact thing you accuse the other side of (with no proof), it’s not equivalent, and therefore doesn’t count? What a small mind you have.

I gave you a ling to a story where thousands of Liberals attacked Trump supporters leaving an event, so far you offered maybe 3 or 4 Trump supporters punching someone? I point out the moveon.org sophicated campaigns to bus in thousands of protesters to attack Trump events.

All I have asked you to do is offer me a similar example of Trump voters attacking Clinton or Bernie events and you cry about it? If there were examples of Trump supporters doing this you could produce them, being as you can’t produce a single example clearly my point has been made and you are too childish to admit it.

But then why am I still arguing the facts? You’re just like all the others. You lack the capacity to actually debate a topic.

That is you, not me. I gave you actual hard examples of Liberals attacking Conservatives and trying to use force to silence them and still the best you can offer is a couple individuals punching someone, I give you millions of Liberals directly attacking the idea of free speech and freedom of assembly and freedom of association and you will not even admit to those hard facts.

My only hope is that you continue to live in your mothers basement and don’t reproduce.

This is an excellent proof of my point about how nasty all Liberals are, you can’t just not agree, you have to toss hate and make up crazy fantasies about those who do not agree with you.

What emotional need is forcing you to imagine I live in my mother’s basement? What sick mindset you Liberals must have where you imagine crazy negative stuff like this in your heads for anyone who does not agree with you.

Here is another great example of the typical liberal mindset I speak of.

‘Kindly return this Asian baby to the Toys ‘R’ Us you stole her from’


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