Because you say so, childish claim, not supported by any actual hard evidence as to why, just…
Carl Sandburg

More childish dodging of facts and logic based points, everything you say is emotions, you “feel” like Bannon should not be part of the team so that is all you need to make all sorts of wild and unfounded claims about him. I do not deal in raw uncontrolled emotion based discussions you seem to limit yourself to, you deny even the most basic of logical points only because they do not match your hate of Trump.

For example, when I point out those “perfect” Presidents who came before Trump screwed us and did horrible jobs you claim it makes no difference who came before and that is a childish reply. Of course it matters who came before, we only have Trump because he was the result of the failures of the Presidents, and the establishment Republicans who came before Trump.

Trump is a symptom of a failed system, if you can’t even understand that fact you need to seriously do some self-reflection as to why you are blinding yourself from the truth.

NAFTA, the IRAQ war, the failed economy, out of control Government, Domestic snooping, out of control bureaucracy, we can sit here and detail all the ways our elected officials have failed Americans and you don’t think any of that matters as long as the professional politicians “look good” while doing it?

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