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My first thought on the subject is, why would any couple, gay or straight, want to “FORCE” people to be intimately involved in their wedding that do not want to be there?

Do they derive some sick pleasure in torturing people?

Weddings should be about love and a future life with each other and positive feelings but these Gay people seem to be more interested in starting their life together based on hate and anger and imposing their beliefs on others against their will.

I believe cases like this are another reason the far left is losing ground all over America, while most Americans do agree discrimination is bad, they at the same time do not believe a private family business should be destroyed and the family destroyed just because they have strong religious beliefs. There must be some element of flexibility that allows the very religious (remember religious freedom is a Constitutional guarantee) to not be forced to have an intimate involvement with groups who are doing things that go directly against their religious beliefs.

This would be like forcing a gay couple to go to the religious couples church and participate.

Ya I get it, they are selling a service, but is chasing a dollar really the best an American can hope for in life? If they are willing to turn down money to preserve their morals, is that not a worthy goal as opposed to those who will do anything for money?

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