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My question would be, let’s say you are right and Trump is the anti-christ/Hitler character you have been labeling him as for over a year now, what possible changes can you cause? So your going to scream “Racist” and “Hitler” even louder?

Nobody cares what you say, as you said all the mainstream media is rethinking their nasty behaviors with Trump because it has backfired on them and normal Americans are now calling them to task.

You saying horrible things about Ivanka, now there was something effective …. right? I mean you really accomplished something going after Trump’s family, and what was changed exactly because you said nasty things?

You are sounding more like spoiled brats having temper tantrums than anything else. I am sure the brainless angry masses will love to toss more of their money into the garbage to feed their hate so ya you guys can make a lot of money pretending like you can make a difference but we all know that you can’t.

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