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So I watched the full video of the interview they referenced and of course I found that was not even close to what he said at all. But media outlets across North America persisted in regurgitating this lie over and over in order to try to paint Trump as a racist.

My work and past has had me working with thousands of people from all walks of life and political beliefs, I have made some good friends in most of them, I was even dragged to a Bernie sanders event where they made me donate to his campaign, lol, but there was no mistaking the love and passion Bernie Sanders supporters held and for that reason alone I respected them and Bernie.

So one day a woman I have known for over 20 years (and is a classic Democrat) calls me when she saw in the New York Times that Trump called all Mexicans rapists. She called me because we are close and she knows I am Conservative and wanted me to explain the situation to her, so I went to her house and pulled up the speech in question and watched it with her. She then became very angry. She had to admit the reports were not true and the revelations she suddenly had about the media were priceless, I was so glad to be the one to help her finally see the corruption in the media.

She became a core member of classic Democrats who all decided they could never vote for Hillary Clinton and they even started calling her the “Red Queen”, lol.

But the sad reality is most Americans still do not understand just how dishonest the media really is.

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