yes, we hate values like greed, misogyny, homophobia, islamophobia, arrogance, imperialism, and…
grendel chagrin

yes, we hate values like greed, misogyny, homophobia, islamophobia, arrogance, imperialism, and general insensitivity.

Name calling is exactly all you have to offer, and it is why you guys have lost over 1,000 elections in the past 8 years. AnD Hillary calling tens of millions of fellow Americans “Deplorable” and lacking any redeeming quality in America simply eliminated the benefit of the doubt that anyone who would vote Democrats will ever have anything but hate for those fellow Americans who do not agree politically with you.

as far as trying to get rid of trump, he did not won the election. he stole it with help from his mentor vlad putin.

That is certainly the brain washing the left is attempting to impose on the weak, and repeating a lie over and over again may work for some, but for those of us who can think for ourselves and go look at the actual voting results know Hillary got trashed by Trump.

And the so called “hacking” amounts to a single email phishing scam any decent teenager could have pulled off so if that is the best Russia has to offer then we do not have much to be concerned about, lol. Podesta was stupid, and only because of that stupidity was those emails leaked, but the emails did not cost Hillary the election, Hillary was the cause of her losing the election to include the previously mentioned name calling of fellow Americans just because they did not want to vote for her.

Keep in mind at the first few months of the election cycle starting up a poll was done asking voters to use a single word to describe people like Hillary Clinton. Now this is before FBI investigations and before the bombastic Trump entered the race officially and guess what?

Words like liar, untrustworthy, dishonest were the top results from both Republicans AND Democrats.

You on the left are telling lies to yourself. Hillary was not some perfect candidate before the email leaks, at most all the emails did was reinforce an image of Hillary that already existed.

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