Another right wing ferocious imbecile
Michael Larson

Name calling is the only tool you on the radical left have. You can’t refute facts and basic logic so you try to “shame” people into bowing down to you. Playing the bully has worked well for you in the past, but it has lost it’s power in recent times.

This is like the little boy who cried wolf, you got a lot of traction by screaming “Racist” all the time in the past but over the years using that crutch and others has made them less and less effective and now it hardly gets any notice at all.

Normal Americans are sick and tired of your BS, they reject your name calling tactics and are now taking back America from you snowflakes.

So keep the name calling going, it is driving more and more people to the Republicans every day. Not because they like Republicans, hell no, but they are repulsed by the horrible behaviors you guys express.

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