Yeah, the old “rape victim” exception… proof positive that it’s all about controlling the mother’s…
Jenna Trull

Yeah, the old “rape victim” exception… proof positive that it’s all about controlling the mother’s sex life

No, it is acknowledging the fact that sometimes women have no choice in their pregnancy condition. It is called addressing facts, not emotions.

and PUNISHING her for being a slut.

You are imposing terms and mindsets that simply do not exist, I would not possibly care less how “slutty” (to you your descriptive terms) a woman is, she made her “choices” and the results of her “choices” are hers, leave me and the Government out of it.

what would it matter how the child was conceived?

All laws are based on intent. If you kill a person out of anger, or you kill a person because they were about to kill you, one is a crime and one is not. Same dead person, different moral questions for society to respond to.

A rape-baby is no less innocent or more deserving of death than any other,

I would certainly like to see women give that innocent life a chance, but in the case of rape for example, some women see the life growing inside them as a continuation of the rape. Their “choice” was stolen from them and a child was forced on them against their will.

There is a difference between a woman who is impregnated against her will and one who intentionally had high risk sexual encounters that resulted in the creation of an unwanted life.

so why not just be a man and ADMIT that restricting abortion is all about “punishing the sluts” and has NOTHING to do with defending innocent life?

There is no reason to admit to the lie you are making up. You are attempting to insert evil intent to me and others when you know nothing about us. All you know is you want what you want and anyone who does not agree with you must be evil.

If it did, you wouldn’t be loftily granting your little “exceptions” to women you’ve personally deemed “needy” for no other reason than that the act itself was sufficient punishment for having a vagina.

Again, you are inserting evil intent where there is none. I am a responsibility person, I consider only facts, not emotions.

Women who have their “choices” taken away from them bear no responsibility for the results of that theft. If they have no “choice” then they hold no responsibility, it really is as simple as that.

As far as the rest of women who do have a “choice”, their “choices” are their responsibility to deal with, not mine and certainly not the Government’s. We were not in that room having high risk sexual encounters and certainly not enjoying the short term pleasures they felt was worth the risk, so simply leave us out of the conversation entirely.

If I make the “choice” to race my car and it blows up on me, do you want to be responsible to buy me a new car? My “choice” now I have to deal with that “choice” I made.

The problem with those of you on the radical Left is you think Government is supposed to “fix” everything, I do not.

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