OK, let’s forget the Tribalism for a moment… and just ‘fer curious, is there anything at all that…
Mateo D

No let’s deal with your false claim that we are now defying the 1st amendment, can you support that claim or not? You made the claim, not me, all I am doing is trying to point out how most of these wild and in my opinion, childish, claims are simply not connected to reality or fact.

I have seen a lot of people just like you saying Trump is exactly like Hitler and has taken away all our rights but every time I try to pin one of you guys down, such as this attempt by me to pin you down over your claim Trump has been defying the 1st amendment, you always dodge and run away and try to change the subject.

So can you be the exception to the rule? Will you be the first person on the left who has made a claim like this and will stand up to it or will you try to run away from your claim? Call me names, keep trying to change the subject, and ultimately block me because in your mind my asking you to support your claim is just too radical for you to accept and endure?

Now that said I have never dodged a single question ever asked of me so I will answer your question and hope you will show me the same respect:

and just ‘fer curious, is there anything at all that Trump could do which might ‘worry’ you about his regard for the Constitution and the laws of the land (aside from any failures to keep his ‘promises’)?

Could do? Of course there are endless numbers of things Trump “could do” that would worry and even upset me. I was highly critical of Bush especially when me and McCain pushed a new mass amnesty without securing the border, that is the primary reason I refused to vote for McCain when he ran for President.

I will gladly take issue with any act Trump makes that is violating the Constitution, this is why when you made the claim he was defying the 1st Amendment I asked you to show some support for your claim.

I deal in facts and common sense logic, not emotions. If you have some hard evidence of Trump defying the 1st amendment I would love to see it.