No, my commentary is “biased” by my professional judgment as a psychologist…I’m an assessment…
Linda A Robinson, Ph.D.

No, my commentary is “biased” by my professional judgment as a psychologist…I’m an assessment professional who sizes up people based upon standardized psychological instruments, self reports AND in this case behavior (since I don’t have access to the results of standardized, psychological instruments on him or on 1-on-1 interviews).

No professional psychologist makes that kind of determination from brief and sporadic public appearances. You can;t possibly be a licensed psychologist. An actual trained psychologist would need several months of 1 on 1 time to accurately come to any determination and sometimes even then it is impossible because we hide so much of our true selves behind layers of protections.

No, your use of “ Herr Trump” was to imply a comparison to Hitler as all of you on the radical left always try to insert into every personal attack on the man, nice try at dodging and deflection though, I am simply too skilled to fall for it, lol.

Then you decide to attack Gingrich? Calling him a failed human being? What is it about you that you feel a need to make yourself feel better by dragging down other human beings?

This sort of behavior is why normal Americans are rejecting you on the radical left, all you do is spout hate constantly and in general, human beings do not want to- hang out with such negative types of people. You are actually driving normal Americans into the arms of people like Trump.

You guys need professional help. It is not healthy to be stuck in the 2nd stage of grief for so long, it is clearly taking it’s toll.

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