White supremacists aren’t killing anyone?
Shamdai (Roxanne) Sukhan

White supremacists aren’t killing anyone?

No they are not, if you care to offer some sort of proof that they are I am right here, link a few stories to support your claim, and on;y from credible sources as well.

Wow. Bottom line — white supremacy and anti-Muslim/anti-immigrant sentiment are contributing to radicalisation and giving hatred a license. It’s killing people.

I see a few tiny groups wagging their tongues sure, but if you want to claim there is more going on that that then you need to offer some proof, not just make nasty accusations and run away.

The only people I see spreading hate are Liberals, another Conservative spoeaker had to cancel their appearance at Berkley because intolerant Liberals are promising severe violence if they are allowed to speak.

Remind me again, who killed those people at the Québec mosque? Also, did I only imagine Dylan Roof? I swear they were white supremacists.

I never said you could not find individual acts of violence, sure you can, but they are not part of a larger “group mind” as Muslim terrorists are. And people like Roof are acting out of their own self-hate, their lives are a mess and they can’t deal with their own failures, directing that hate to others for whatever reason is mental illness, not conspiracy by any group of people.

And let me remind you that the Orlando shooter, the California and Boston attackers, etc all killed way more people and as a part of radical Islam, so clearly that is our biggest issue, not some lone idiot who hates himself.

This current problem is created by the West. It’s what happens when imperial powers play pawn with other nations — ie. ‘The enemy of my enemy is my friend’ foreign policy has failed!
It is precisely white supremacy, Christian absolutism, and western imperialism that has created this situation in the Middle East and with ISIS.

You may want to pick up a history book and educate yourself on the real Middle East and Islam. Islam has been brutal and intolerant for it’s entire history. A few times they were accepting of other Christian groups sure, but they were always hostile to everyone else, look up how they treated Buddhists.

While I agree Islam has recently attempted to paint the West for all of their problems, I believe any human being with a brain can see how ISIS is treating everyone, no matter what their beliefs, horribly. Rape, murder, beheading, torture, starvation and destroying religious sites of all faiths should let you know just how horrible the more loyal followers of Islam can be.

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