I can see where your priorities are. So i will only respond to two things.

I can see where your priorities are. So i will only respond to two things.

No, you could not refute any of my points so you decided to do what all far left Liberals do, toss insults as you run away from valid points that prove you wrong.

There is a lot more in the Constitution that the 4th Amendment,

It is always so great to see how uneducated you on the radical left are on pretty much every topic under the sun. The right to bear arms we were discussing is the “2nd” Amendment. The 4th Amendment is protections from unreasonable search and seizures. I learned all of the Bill of rights in High School over 40 years ago and still can quote them all but you are clueless?

Liberal school?

And the rest of that rant is also untrue, Conservatives also support all of those rights, it is pure myth Conservatives do not. All you guys have are lies.

Yes, we lected a businessman, someone whose business were fraudulent and corrupt.

Another lie, Trump has operated hundreds of businesses, and like most large businessmen he has had his share of bad press over issues he had no real control over but he has always been a good guy:

But I see you will be loyal to him, and what he stands for. I only want to remind you that decisions based on false or decptive information turn out to be harful and destructive decisions.

Like when Liberals claimed Trump said “ALL” Mexicans were rapists? Every decision you on the radical left make is based on lies and distortions. Comey just told you that a lot of those stories the Liberal media is pushing are dead wrong. Specifically called out the New York Times for reporting fake news.

But as I already explained to you, Conservatives are not “loyal” to anyone. This is why all the establishment Republicans lost and lost big, all their pandering was ignored.

What Conservatives are loyal to is ourselves and we vote for who will give us the most support for our values and what we believe is important. such as enforcing immigration laws, no other candidate was firm about deporting illegals, so Trump won by default as the only guy in the race promising to do what the majority of Americans wanted.

So far, in a very short time, Trump has made our country, and the world, less safe with a much riskier future, economically, soically and politically.

Well that is another lie, nothing has changed, a few words were exchanged that were true but if something “bad” happens America will be right there and everyone knows it. They are just crying over Trump exposing some painful truths nobody else would reveal out of playing politics.

Economically we have already seen many indicators of the economy improving and Trump has not been allowed to enact any of his policies yet.

Socially and politically Trump is proving the radicals opposing him to be irrational and hysterical. Each and every time we are promised some big “bombshell” or another it turns out to be all fizz and zero pop. This will end up hurting the Democrats more than Trump but yet it will take time to catch up to them so maybe in the short run they feel happy today, but there will be a price they have to pay for making all these unfounded allegations and not being able to substantiate any of them.

This is just more of the little boy who cried wolf, you get a lot of attention at first, but as more and more cries end up false, the people listen less and less until you reach a point where everyone stops listening.

You have a nice day.

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