Bruh, that’s just like your opinion.
Jeffrey T

Bruh, that’s just like your opinion. I know I’m not going to change your mind. You seem to not believe me when I say I’m a Scout and you certainly don’t have much respect for an insiders perspective. Two closing points:

Nope hard facts, I detailed how it was done such as individual troops allowing gays for many years before it was made “official” and still you refuse to admit to basic facts.

So very Liberal of you.

I’m not an outsider wanting to change the Boy Scouts.

Actually that is exactly what you said in the last post, that you wanted to force the boy scouts to be transformed into just scouts who accept anyone and everyone. Your own words, maybe you need to read what you said?

and have spent years working to expand the program and where I could make it more inclusive.

And then you said it again, you want to dramatically change the boy scouts, how can you talk out of both sides of your mouth like this? I know Liberals in general are the most dishonest people on the planet but you take dishonesty to extremes.

Yeah, there’s external pressure for change. There’s also internal pressure from employees, volunteers, and even churches. And I’m the internal kind of pressure.

Exactly,. so you are a liar when you claim you do not wanting to transform the boy scouts.

Scouting has to change and has changed.

Why? Because you on the radical left say so? Your change has gutted membership and it will only get worse. Why did you have to destroy what existed? Why could you not form your own group of gender neutral, far Left progressive “scouting” and leave alone what already existed? Why is it all you on the left do is destroy?

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