The situation you describe was an ER or Urgent care not a general OB/GYN office.
Kiska Lucas

The situation you describe was an ER or Urgent care not a general OB/GYN office.

Nope, he stayed hurt all of Sunday because he felt emergency care would cost more (Obama says it is) so he waited and got to see a regular doctor who sent him out for xrays and he came back to get it fixed.

True Story: My mother needed to get her annual and pap smear. Only $700 without insurance at the time.

I suppose it depends on the doctor, I know right now millions of Obamacare people have an insurance card but can’t find doctors who will actually accept it:

Additionally referring to the original post Plan-B costs about $50 a package.

And what dos an abortion cost? From what I understand it can cost hundreds of dollars so $50 sounds like a better option and let’s also remember the cheapest way is to just make sure you always use protection.

Now, $26 is not much but if you need a particular script you have Tri-Sprintec 28, from $9 to $63. Yaz-28 = $68–112. The prices go up from there.

Again, cheaper than an abortion or paying to care for a baby.

Something I have always told my own children (to include my daughter) is if you want to play like an adult, you need to be responsible like an adult. There is never any “good” excuse for having unprotected sex. If you do, then you are being completely irresponsible.

Let’s remember that any activity that can cause an unwanted pregnancy also puts you into- severe danger for many very nasty diseases.

No one is saying abortion is an easy thing, but what right do any of us have over the body of another?

In my own view I feel we and the Government should have nothing to do with any of it. None of us, and certainly not the Government, were there during the sex that caused the unwanted child, keep me and Government out of it.

BUT, that does not mean we or the Government has any responsibility or duty to make their intentions to get an abortion easier or enable it in any way.

Even the Christian G-d is pro-choice when you read the bible ( Numbers 5:21–21, 27–28)

Why is it atheists and such always try to use things they do not understand to try and support their ideas? The section you speak of has nothing to do with abortion, it is discussing the process for men to ascertain if their wife had been faithful or not through the church. There is not 1 word implying the woman is pregnant or that the bad tasting brew will cause an abortion.

The “theory” behind this section is that if the woman was faithful, that the bitter brew will not cause her discomfort, but if she was unfaithful she would get sick and the “bloated” comment is describing her discomfort in a upset belly from the mixture, not a pregnancy.

To give context, the result of the wife failing this test is death as detailed from the same works:

Leviticus 20:10 ~ “If a man commits adultery with the wife of his neighbor, both the adulterer and the adulteress shall surely be put to death.
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