Hah…..as usual, we can always count on you to post your anti-left anti-liberal everything.
lindsay smith

Not anti anything, just telling the truth about the radical left as made clear by every word that comes from their mouth and every action they perform.

Even Hillary Clinton said half of all Trump supporters were deplorable and lacking any redeeming quality in America. This proves my point. Even the most educated and “professional” Democrats hate those who do not agree with them.

Your ilk has turned it into an oligarchy …with a small number of people and corporations having almost all the money and spending it on creating more of you.

Wait a second there darling, you are going off the deep end there. The corporations, bankers, and wall street dumped tens of millions of dollars into Hillary Clinton’s (and other Democrats) pockets, the Democratic party is the party of the super rick and powerful and corporations, not Trump. They all hate Trump and all worked against him every chance they could.

So if you are really upset over the rich and powerful taking over Government then you have to stop voting for Democrats. Yes, Republicans are supportive of business but they are not making the big corporations, bankers and wall street their priority the way Democrats do.

This is why corporations, bankers, and wall street invested so much money in Hillary Clinton, she was their puppet.

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