I stick to my original post.
Paul Pearson

I stick to my original post. Your pointing out of miniscule incidents is just further proof of the war on the media.

Not minuscule, it is huge that all the media lied about what Trump said to push a false narrative he called all Mexicans rapists.

Of course there are many other examples, but my point is, the medial openly and shamelessly lied, all to help Hillary win and hurt Trump. They “EARNED” the distrust normal Americans have in them.

Media is supposed to report the news, not manipulate it for political loyalties.

The lose of our democracy and freedoms are way more important than wheather you got to ‘ keep your doctor’!

It goes to trust, you tried to claim it was disinformation on the Right that made Americans distrust some politicians but I pointed out that the Right did not force them to lie to the people, they also “Earned” the distrust the people feel.

Tear apart the fabric that keeps us together as one people as is being done daily by the likes of Trump and Ryan and if the shoe fits, you, will only make sure that happens.

The only people frothing at the mouth are you guys on the far left. I called you out on your name calling last post, this is what you do, you HATE those who do not agree with your politics and that vitriol is driving normal Americans away from you. I am not evil just because I do not agree with you.

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