Unfortunately for us the crazy “unsubstantiated” stuff that swirls around Trump has geo-political…
Michael Kirby

Unfortunately for us the crazy “unsubstantiated” stuff that swirls around Trump has geo-political implications.

Not really, nobody really cares about all the drama being manufactured by the radical left, it is all smoke and no sub stance.

I could pick a random murder and randomly say it’s trump’s fault too. Doesn’t make it the truth.

That is not what anyone has done here, this was not a random murder, this was a HNC insider who had been communicating with Wikileaks who suddenly turns up dead? They did not take his wallet or the necklace worth thousands of dollars, they just shot him and ran away? You see nothing suspicious in that?

Perhaps if Donald could actually stay on-message, and not have the appearance of being a total moron he could actually get something done.

Well I partly agree with the staying on message part but your claim he seems like a moron is an emotion based attack, not based on reality, I deal only in facts and logic, not emotions, I will leave emotions to you.

Here is a thought. Don’t go into a room alone with Russians while you are being investigated. Don’t fire the FBI director while you are being investigated. Don’t tell the FBI director to stop an active investigation.

Well clearly he was not alone or we would not be seeing all these leaks of what was exchanged. The highest levels of Intelligence and the FBI are leaking anything they can to hurt Trump, that should be upsetting any American but nobody wants to talk about that.

Trump should not allow the radical left and unfounded allegations to control his actions, until something is proven against Trump then Trump is innocent, this is still america the last I looked and in America we have a presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

And again for the slow, Comey was not investigating anything, Directors do not do investigations. I doubt he ever actually met with the career investigators who were conducting the investigation, that is simply not what directors do. There are middle management jobs at the FBI who directly manage the individual segments of the FBI and they report to the director. Removing Comey would have zero effect on any investigation.

But I would have fired Comey over the massive number of top level leaks at the FBI alone. There is a serious issue at the FBI at the highest levels. The leaks must be plugged and if I were President I would have openly fired Comey for the leaks and made it clear to the new director that leaks will no longer be tolerated and if he can’t handle it I will fire him too. And start firing the middle management people over the departments the leaks came out of too. Sooner or later the leaks will stop.

None of these are necessarily illegal “per say” But they are stupid. And that’s the real problem.

Nothing “per say” about it, none of it is illegal, so as usual the radical left is making a big deal out of nothing purely to feed their hate.

Look, no matter what Trump does the radical left will attack him for it, there is no possible way to pacify the left, it is impossible. So why should he even try? Trump fired Comey, a man ThinkProgress did countless storied about needing to be fired, Hillary claimed her loss on Comey, I saw endless attacks on Comey from ABC, NBC, CBS, all the Liberal cable networks, just a never ending stream of attacks on the man saying he had to go.

So when Trump removed him was the far left happy they got what they have been demanding vehemently for several months?


They instead invented new ways to attack him even though he did exactly what they were demanding. At this point it is clear, nothing Trump does short of resigning will ever stop the never ending attacks from the radical left.

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