The irony is that the author was writing about the Republican electors who are thinking about…
Willi Kampmann

The irony is that the author was writing about the Republican electors who are thinking about voting for someone else now. Not the Democrats. The Republican electors.

Not sure of what point you were trying to make, did you read my comment?

And frankly, that’s perfectly within their right. If they don’t see Trump fit for office, then they shouldn’t endorse him. However, I think the only thing worse than a President Trump is a President whomever-some-electors-have-voted-into-office. Trump is a political cancer, but at least 25% of the American public wanted him. Kasich or some other runaway Republican? No one asked for them! But I think even if half of all electors voted for another guy, that guy couldn’t just bypass all of the campaign process; instead this would trigger new elections. Right?

The problem is, if the electors disrespected the voters in that way you would definitely see a civil war, there is no way the people would just let establishment politics take away their non-establishment choice. And I am not sure what your bases is for claiming Trump is a cancer, can you explain that please?

I get what you are trying to say, but gosh, that’s a horrible analogy.

In what way, do you not understand how we elect Presidents? It is not the popular vote even though a lot of uneducated Liberals seem to think so, we do it by scoring “points”, yes people are involved but only as a grouping effect, not an individual one, but if it will make your emotions feel better how about one big game of soccer and the side with the most people still did not make as many scores as the other side so they lost, the point was always the rules and the points, not the number of people, you really find that difficult to understand?

But looking back at how Trump proclaimed he wouldn’t accept the result if he lost (so much for agreeing on the rules of the process!)

That is a lie, why do all far lefties like you have to lie? I just do not get this hate you guys express that forces you to insert false claims to try and justify your hate.

What Trump did say when asked if he would accept the outcome was he would have to look at the results and make his mind up then, just like gore himself first admitted defeat then changed his mind and decided to contest the election, Trump was simply he reserved the right to decide one way or the other at the end. Please stop telling lies.

it seems to me high horses are not the best positions for Republicans to argue from now. Let’s be honest: if Clinton had won, Trump supporters would have held up their figurative pitchforks and marched towards Washington.

Would they? Seems terribly easy for you to make such a nasty claim of fellow Americans when we have clear examples of Conservatives being trounced by Obama twice and no rioting or large protests, the only group I have seen incapable of admitting defeat in the last 30 years are Liberals, such as my previous Gore example and the rioting and protests claiming Trump is not the President elect.

Did you know that millions of Liberals called into suicide help lines and needed “comforting” after the results of the election were released, Universities brought in puppies and coloring books and set up “safe spaces” to try and help the millions of broken down Liberals, so clearly Liberals need to do a little bit of self-diagnostics, lol.

You can’t claim that the election is rigged for over a year, and after having won be like “oh, never mind”.

You never actually listened to Trump speak have you? You just take the word of far lefty propaganda and run with is and never bother to check the truth for yourself? Trump never said that, what Trump was talking about was mostly the media who had selected “their candidate” from the start and skewed reporting and stories against everyone else, Bernie Sanders was a victim of this too, and we now know CNN was feeding debate questions to the Hillary Campaign, none of that seems crooked to you?

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