And conservatives have no set of beliefs?
Melissa Myer

And conservatives have no set of beliefs? Its brimming with pro choice gun control advocates. What I find most annoying is the condemnation of liberals or Dems without checking your own history of doing the same. Its almost hysterical that Callista Gingrich is ambassador to the Vatican. Doesn’t the Catholic Church take issue to adultery and divorce? Not for conservative Christians. I will be anxious to see how the next female running for president or Vice President is treated.

Not to the same “religious like” degree no, I know lots of people on the Right who still vote republican but do not necessarily agree on everything. Yes some types of political beliefs are more Right leaning like the right to own firearms but we do not disown people completely if they do not blindly support one thing.

Look at the hate the left was showing Sanders for daring to support a Democrat who was not pro-abortion? The man supported 99% of all other Liberal policies but not supporting that one thing was some kind of sin that required a hate filled reaction on the left, it is all or nothing to them. They truly prefer to let a Republican win instead of a 99% Democrat.

I will be anxious to see how the next female running for president or Vice President is treated. Both Palin and Clinton received harsh criticism. Will women be treated harsher because of their sex or stance on issues? Much of the ridicule came from her limited knowledge of world issues. Similar to the ridicule Trump receives from his lack of knowledge of world issues and how government functions. The big difference is he has a huge amount of information at his disposal that he doesn’t utilize. President of the Virgin Islands? Lack of knowledge or understanding of the constitution and the separation of powers? Where is the support for Sarah Palin now? She’s been MIA at the Value Voters Summit. Where’s Rush or Glenn Beck?

Palin was treated way worse, way worse, and the fact you can’t admit that much is really making my point for me. There is no requirement that a candidate be all knowing on all issues, this is why they have massive teams of experts and advisors to help them make good decisions, the real point is do they possess the management skills to do the job because at the end of the day that is all a president really is, a top manager, why I was so against Obama because he had never managed a single thing his entire life and was the least qualified President we have ever elected.

And who told you Trump does not take advantage of information? You do know Obama said a lot of stupid stuff too right? Obama was helpless without his teleprompter, constantly making mistakes, why can’t you be honest? human beings make mistakes.

Your interpretation of Michelle Obamas statement is quite different than mine. Since the election, abortion rights are back on the fast track to erosion. Birth control is no longer covered but Viagra is. Programs benefiting lower income working women and families are being cut. So how is Trump the voice for women or protecting women’s rights? It was a vote against their own voice. Birth control isn’t prescribed for a single purpose anymore than Botox can only be used for cosmetic purposes. Conservative women think it should become more difficult to report rape on college campuses? Michelle Obama didn’t state that Hillary represented all women, or that she herself spoke for all women. Her statement was based on the the two main candidates. Who will champion and defend women’s rights? Hillary or Donald? Wasn’t a similar argument used in support of Trump? A vote for Trump was a vote for gun rights, Christian values, and a conservative Supreme Court.

If those few issues were the only issues women care about sure, but they are not. I am highly involved in political discussions all over the place, I have about a quarter million people on my email chain, I have helped on several elections and have a group of friends with people from all sides of the political spectrum and let me assure you, the attempt by the left to shoe horn all women into those couple issues is pissing women off.

Women care just as much about the economy as men do, a strong economy means a more secure home life, a better environment for raising children, more employment opportunities especially for their adult children leaving the nest, etc. Once a woman becomes a mother, her priorities in life will usually change drastically in favor of their children’s needs and safety, unfortunately for Liberals is you all support policies that are bad for the economy, bad for safety of community and bad for society from a family perspective and that is why so many women reject the blind devotion you on the left demand of them.

There are many other issues too, respect for police who are the only thing that make a polite society possible for example, the left hates cops, the Right respects cops, when you take each of these issues one at a time there are hundreds of things many women will feel more comfortable trusting Conservatives more then Liberals with.

I never claimed innocence of Hillary. But boy did they play up her role as a public defender in her pre political life. She defended a rapist. Trump has defended multiple people of less than stellar reputations. He even defended and contributed to the Clintons. Lol. If you are referring to the tax laws Trump made use of , Hillary did vote and Bush signed into law (2002) the closure of the loophole Trump used in 1995. He wrote off the money the banks lost by his inability to pay the loans. What he did was perfectly legal. What angers the average person is rich people writing and passing laws that benefit the rich. You really think the tax reform Trump is pushing doesn’t benefit him or his family? Eliminating estate taxes most certainly will.

Hillary was still a public servant back then, again I am more concerned with what people do once they are being paid by taxpayer dollars, anything Trump did he did as a civilian and as you admit, was perfectly legal so there is nothing to upset a thinking human being, you do not like those laws? Well hold Hillary Clinton responsible for voting for them. Bush is no longer in office and you see how little support we offered the latest Bush family attempt as the Presidency, we rejected him, why can’t you reject your corrupt politicians?

Of course Trump and family will benefit, so if you believe no politician can ever support something that will benefit them we will never pass anything.

The question is, will the plan benefit me and most people in the middle class? The answer is yes. I certainly do not want it to be defeated just because Trump will also benefit. As a Conservative we all believe Government takes too much anyway, too much from everyone. You have no real clue how much in taxes you really pay, embedded taxes are everywhere and nobody wants to even talk about those.

Mexican misinformation? I’ll quote him. “They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.” Better find a different example.

So at the time Trump was discussing only illegal aliens driven here by Mexico’s policies (by the way a couple years back Hillary also agreed it was Mexico’s policies that helped drive illegals into America) so even under the most critical assessment Trump was not talking about all Mexicans, he was only talking about the few who illegally enter America. Then he was offering some types of illegals, some are indeed criminals like drug mules and hard criminals like rapists who are fleeing their home Nation to escape justice or they are former rapists and killers who have no work prospects in Mexico so they come to America.

Claiming Trump was calling all Mexicans rapists is a lie, and here you are perpetuating the same lie, you again prove my point for me. You are exactly the same as any other far left radical willing to use lies for political loyalties.

All his accusations of lies and fake news, yet no audio or video proof to support his claim. No written certified documents. He brought the heat on himself with his denial then admittance of the Comey firing. The accusation that Obama wire tapped him which led to the whole Fisa investigation. Those two statements led to the Mueller investigation. He can’t shut up. Over and over government officials state that they wish the tweeting would stop. How much chaos and anxiety have the military and Pentagon gone through? From the transgender tweet to the threats against China and N Korea. If the media misinforms or gets it wrong they are held accountable. Trump isn’t accountable. Sarah Huckabee uses the joke excuse and Trump pleads innocent due to misinformation given to him. He should fire those people that made him look like a fool. Why isn’t he?How is it that every media outlet is fake except Fox News, Breitbart, and the National Enquirer?

Let me say this again, Trump is only using the same tactics the media uses, they have been telling lies on Trump from the start like saying he called all Mexicans reposts, Trump never said that or anything close to that, they have to take his words out of context then edit out portions to even try to get close to that claim but they do it anyway and the gullible and hate filled left consume it like candy.

And we see even you repeating the lies.

So Trump does the same thing, he pushes ideas and thoughts and commentary that is specifically designed to upset the left and their media, to get them all worked up and sputtering and it makes them look a lot worse than it makes Trump look, Trump has not lost a single supporter, but the media has lost a lot of viewers who are sick and tired of the partisan games being played by that media.

I hate big money in politics. Corporations are making policy.

Then you could never vote for Hillary Clinton, when you voted for her, you said you love big money in politics and Corporations making policy.

I feel like Fox News was elected president. Why does a lobbyist have a copy of proposed legislation before our ELECTED officials?

What is it with you on the far left and FOX news? FOX is nothing, they are an extremely tiny player in the game, they have the smallest exposure and viewership as compared to all the Liberal media outlets like CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, etc. FOX is painted as some king of boogeyman by the radical left but in reality they are nothing and have no real power in politics. You really need to educate yourself on the actual viewership numbers.

I support the banning of politicians becoming lobbyists. I also support a moratorium on them from becoming a board member of a company that directly lobbies or does business with the government. I even changed my mind and now support term limits in Congress.

And only Trump is directly taking action on those issues, Obama promised not to have a single former lobbyist in his Administration and broke that promise 3 weeks into his transition after winning the election. More former Obama Administration and Department heads have gone to the private sector than any other President, so you should be applauding Trump’s actions because clearly Democrats do not care about this issue at all.

Misuse or abuse of taxpayer dollars is still a swamp to me. So is the cost of inexperience and incompetence. What’s the tab right now on the travel ban? Emoluments clause? Attorney fees? Most people in Congress left lucrative jobs before being elected. Took a pay cut. I hardly believe they will end up on the unemployment line. How many millionaires or billionaires say I’ve made enough money I don’t need anymore. How many multimillionaire CEO’s are fired or forced to resign due to criminal or unethical actions or behavior? How many do time? Wealthy cabinet members do not ensure honesty.

Well you can’t hold Trump accountable for “your” definition of a swamp, I explained to you Trump’s use so you can understand his reasons for picking who he picked, these people gave up millions of dollars a year to come work for Trump mostly for free, they are motivated to help America, they are putting their money where their mouth is, can;t you at least give them a little bit of credit for giving up their lucrative jobs and easy lifestyle to help America and to be attacked by the media thousands of times a day every day?

No, there is no guarantee that wealthy cabinet members will resist bribes, but there is less likelihood because these people have their own money and a lots of danger of losing it all if they are busted, they have something to lose.

The media suspects possible collusion with Russia. Intel knows the Russians meddled by feeding fake news and propaganda. Trump seems to have more faith in Russian denial than US intelligence. If he believes he didn’t benefit then prove it by preventing it from happening again.

We now know that Obama knew about Russian meddling for over a year and could not stop it, why do you believe Trump can stop something Obama could not?

We also know that the claims from the intelligence agencies are mostly based on assumption, there are several reports out there now detailing that the case is not as open/shut as the far left claims but what does any of that have to do with Trump? do you have evidence Trump colluded or not? Spreading rumors is not news, that is called propaganda, and that is all the mainstream media promotes these days.

In fact, new information is now showing there may have been a lot of collusion between Hillary and Podesta and Russia, but you do not see that being spammed on the media now do you? The blind loyalty the media now shows to the Democratic party should be condemned by you guys but you don’t care.

How many years did Trump keep up with the birther story? It will never die or be forgotten. Do you know how many times I’ve heard people say that Hillary should be in prison because they know she’s guilty. We have been reduced to locking people up based on a gut feeling or opinion? The Whitewater investigation lasted 4 years. Watergate lasted 2. We are only months into this. No criminal charges against the Clintons pertaining to Whitewater. Just Bill lying about sex. Over 20 years later the Clinton rumors still run deep.

So are you really justifying your own unsupported claims by saying Trump did it? If your friends jumped off a cliff would you do it too? This just seems childish to me, if you really believe what Trump did was wrong why would you do it too?

You on the far left love to point fingers at Trump but you behave exactly the same way, if you really believed it was wrong you would not do it yourself.

And this investigation have been running for over a year, if there was anything of substance we would know about it by now, this is why we have been told Mueller has changed focus to other issues because he came up empty handed on Russian collusion. You need to remember that career FBI investigators were on this for a year before Mueller came into the picture, Comey admitted in his hearing that Trump was never a person of interest in any of that investigation, Mueller is not an investigator, he is only managing the investigators, and those investigators never found anything.

Bill redeemed himself by owning up to the charge and publicly apologizing. Nine years now for Obama and the birther issue as well as the Muslim question still floating out there. Please stop with the propaganda tactics of the Democratic Party. Have you forgotten about Troopergate in Arkansas? I total lie paid for by a wealthy Republican. I wont leave out the probability of money being involved in the election of Kennedy.

How exactly does a man redeem himself after a lifetime of rape and sexual assault? We know he paid almost a million dollars for a rape settlement and it seems pretty clear at least half of the women who accused Bill of sexual assault on top of that were telling the truth and it was Hillary Clinton who enabled his lifetime of sexual misconduct so can you explain to me exactly how Bill has redeemed himself for all of that?

Where’s the outrage over Russian propaganda? Or super PAC propaganda? Donald could be cleared of collusion. The questions surrounding him and Russia might have never gotten this far if not for his tax returns. But just like Bill found out, these investigations lead down many paths. I’m betting on a money laundering charge for Donald. He’s barely skated indictment before against state attorneys. Feds have a longer reach and more assets. Even if he’s cleared of any wrongdoing maybe a taste of his own medicine is a just reward. He can live out his days under a cloud of suspicion.

Whatever Trump may have said in his past was a a civilian and not a member of the media, nobody cares what he said in his past outside of the radical left, but when elected officials and the medial all state that Trump colluded with Russia, even Hillary claimed Trump colluded with Russia, if Mueller comes back with anything other than collusion it will be a huge win for Trump and a major gut punch for all Democrats.

And if he wants it, Trump will win re-election easily.

I appreciate the civil discussion. I have no illusions of any elected officials being without fault. Obama fell short of the promises he envisioned. He has acknowledged failures and so has Bush. Trump has already laid blame on Congress and none on himself. I’m saddened by the silence coming from people who hold themselves, family, and friends to a higher standard.

And I appreciate it as well, I never mix my emotions with discussions with strangers on the internet, for me it is about the facts and my common sense logic, I leave the feelings to others.

In this case, what is Trump’s fault? He is keeping every promise he has the power to keep, unlike Obama who broke most of his promises in the first couple months.

Trump is not a King, he can’t write legislation. Trump made some promises based on years of promises made by Republicans such as to stop Obamacare. Trump’s failure was trusting the Establishment Republicans to keep their word on these issues but he did not understand that the Establishment Republicans have more in common with Hillary Clinton and her Corporate democrats than Conservatives and Trump. In fact, Establishment Republicans like McCain would fit perfectly well in the Democratic party what used to be called blue dog Democrats, they have never been Conservative in their entire careers.

So if nothing else, Trump has forced their hands and made them expose their divided loyalties. voters can now see them for what they are instead of who they pretended to be and let them decide if these RINO’s are worth keeping or not.

In my opinion we needed Trump.

Trump has forced a lot of entities to expose their true loyalties, the media for example pretended to be objective for years but those of who pay close attention kept calling them out but they successfully dodged their true loyalties for years. Now they are all exposed as an extension of the Democratic party, not necessarily Liberal but certainly devoted to those who control the Democratic party. This is why they torpedoed Bernie Sanders and his campaign. They directly pushed Hillary Clinton as the only possible candidate, I remember how long before the elections started the media was spamming the superdelegate lead Hillary had, why? The only reason to constantly spam the superdelegate lead was to suppress any interest people may have for bernie Sanders. They painted Hillary as inevitable and there being no point to even waste votes on a nobody like Bernie.

It is sad that the media plays such a large part of the tactical moves by Democrats, it is all coordinated and rehearsed. Any actual Progressive minded person should be pissed off at just that.

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