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Just becuase the president can do something, doesn’t mean he should.

Of course, but that is his decision to make,m and you are ranting about this with no idea what was actually shared and making wild claims of putting sources at risk etc out of pure hate.

And yet there is no evidence to back this up.

Well there are the dead bodies, and the suspicious circumstances, this was my point. There is zero evidence of Trump doing anything wrong, zero.

Let me say this again being as you seem to be a tad slow, there is “ZERO” evidence of Trump breaking any law. Things like memo’s have zero credibility, Comey was playing politics so his note making is subject to his own failed credibility and the fact his office was leaking a constant stream of classified information almost every day.

How about this, Trump has openly asked him to make the leaking from the FBI a priority and Comey refused, why?

Stop equating a bogus conspiracy theory with an actual news story, especially where our national security is involved.

What story? There is no news story, it is 100% based on unfounded claims and unnamed sources, we have not seen a single shred of actual evidence so where is the story?

If you on the radical left think just blurting out all sorts of unfounded accusations is news then let’s let it go both ways. You have a massive double standard.

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