Question: Would you leave if picked randomly?

Of course I would, what good does it do to have a childish temper tantrum over it? The airline reserves the right to cancel any ticket, you agree to this when you buy the ticket.

I have actually flown a lot, and yes I have been booted two times before, it sucks but what can you do? Pissing and moaning about it and forcing them to drag you off like some dimwit is not going to make it any better.

One of those times I got a a nice payoff and an upgrade to first class on the next flight, so being reasonable led to good things for me.

We are human beings, nothing we do will be perfect. Sometimes we have to deal with bad situations. Do you think the airline wanted to put anyone off? How stupid would that be? Clearly they were hit with a situation they could not change. So why not work with them instead of fighting them?

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