Serious question: when you say “religious freedom,” do you include, say, Muslims in that definition…
Jack Jenkins

Of course it includes Muslims, why would you think otherwise? You on the radical left never cease to shock me at how stupid you act.

Well first of all, the constitution is not applicable to those “NOT” Americans, I guess Liberals never learn that in school? Second, Trump has not called for a ban, nice try but as usual you on the far left always exaggerate everything.

It is only prudent to hit the pause button and try to figure out how we can do things better, do you think everything is perfect right now? Never try to do better?

Let’s consider that we have a lot of failures in the system. Boston, San Bernardo, Orlando all cases where Muslims who were closely screened by our Government, cleared as “SAFE” then later conducted Jihadist operations. You see nothing wrong with that? No room for improvement?