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Oh, 1 other person in two months and that was yesterday? wow, so you agree you are trolling me?

I’m sorry but your words do not match your actions.

Take my Hillary question, you have still refused to honestly admit Hillary proved herself as completely corrupt by accepting, using and refusing to report the debate questions handed to her.

As far as my basic use of accepted reality, yes I do use it quite a bit but so do all normal human beings, we are not robots and not every conversation can be based on courtroom level “proof” but we can still move a discussion based on common knowledge, let me offer a great example.

Going back to the CNN questions, when I point out that only top level people in CNN would have access to those questions you countered that no, it is reasonable to assume CNN issued all those questions to all the associates.

Do you really believe that? It is reasonable to assume debate questions were just handed out to everyone? Or did you make that up as a dishonest counter to a reasonable point made by me?

Do you think average Americans believe CNN just left those questions laying around for anyone to see and hand copies to the candidates if they wanted to?

Of course not, no reasonable person would believe Presidential debate questions are just laying around.

Explain yourself, why do you have to lie and dodge fair points?

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Now, if you are honest enough to respond to why you dodge fair points we can move to the idea of honest debate but do not bother if you can’t respond to that.

I also love good debate, but the only way decent debate can happen is if we can both accept certain kinds of basic truths. You are refusing to accept basic truths, it is like you want to make even the most basic conversations as if we are lawyers in a murder trial. Normal people do not discuss things that way.

If you want to start over and begin meeting me part way and not act like a lawyer all the time I am more than happy to forgive you and move on, I do not invest my emotions on the internet, you as a person do not matter to me, all that matters is each thread of discussion and once it is gone I am ready for the next conversation the last one forgotten.

So it is up to you, if you want to have great discussions then they are two sided, not just you screaming “prove it” 50,000 times.

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