If all you do is look in a dictionary, I can see why you believe that.
Vickie Hodge

If all you do is look in a dictionary, I can see why you believe that. You didn’t really read what I wrote.

Oh I did read it, just offering some facts instead of the emotion based commentary you offered. Of course all human beings can indeed be racists. It is about hate, not power. The trailer trash skinheads hate too, and have no power, would you not call them racists just because they are weak and poor and have no power?

You just reacted like most white people do.

While all you can is is make excuses.

Those 4 black people who tortured the disabled man were acting from hate. Not all people who are racists commit overt acts of violence.

I never claimed all racists committed violence, did you even bother to read my post? Or are you just making stuff up out of thin air?

My point was the operational element of racism was hate, you just admitted the 4 Blacks were operating from hate so there you go.

Do we even know yet whether they targeted him because of his race or because of his disability? It could have been both.

They never screamed anything about disabled people but they did scream about hate for White people and forced him to say he loved Black people so it seems pretty clear racial animosity was the defining factor.

But I am happy to keep an open mind for new information to prove otherwise.

Regardless, they are awful violent people.

And racists.

Legal definitions are useful to legal matters. But, they are narrow because the law has to be.

They are racists both legally and in all other ways.

The fact that you assert I am brainwashed and believe a lie says a whole lot about where you are coming from.

You were stating a false idea that only a dominate race can be racist, either you are brainwashed or just willfully spreading something you know to be untrue.

Let’s say a White racist guy travels to south Africa and kills a bunch of Black people. Being as that White guy is a minority in south Africa, does that mean he is no longer a racist?

And by the way, hate is not the operational component of racism. What enforces racism is POWER. The hate is the prejudiced part…

You do not even understand what you just said do you? Power without intent means nothing. Your parents have the power to abuse you, but if they love you and care for you then instead that power is never used to harm.

Hate must come first. Without hate, the power can’t do anything.

Clearly the 4 Black teens had the power, they kidnapped the mentally disabled white man and tortured him for 2 days, but why do it? They had the power to do any number of things but they decided to use their power to abuse a white man. Why that decision and not another?

Their hate. Anger over the election combined with BLM rhetoric and the ghetto lifestyle believing Whites are the cause of all their problems breads a lot of hate, and when they saw they had the power to exercise that hate, they did.


But more disturbing, they broadcasted it to all their friends live for 30 minutes and not 1 of their friends called the police. Clearly this kind of behavior is acceptable to the Black neighborhood they live in.

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