You are not understanding the contention of the racism aspect.
Brylar Foustark

You are not understanding the contention of the racism aspect.

Oh I understand it very well, it is you who is turning a blind eye to those trying to insert race into something that had nothing to do with race.

It has to do with the fact the admitted shooter was sent home like a kid who just bought the latest xbox.

That is a lie, he was sent home because all of the early evidence showed his claim of self-defense as plausible. do you want cops to arrest rape victims who end up killing their attackers too? If there is no direct evidence a crime had been committed then why would a cop arrest someone?

There was no immediate evidence of an airtight self defense claim yet the cops let the shooter go home.

Well first of all, the coroner’s early comments said that the witness statements claiming Gasser went to McKnight and dragged him out of his car and shot him were clearly not true. At that time police knew that those witnesses were all liars, the early evidence all pointed to the fact it was McKnight was the aggressor and got out of his car to go after Gasser.

There was zero evidence of a crime, so why should police arrest him? Just because it will appease far lefties to make even shooting a Black person in self-defense a crime?

The fact he is in custody now is meaningless in addressing the institutional racism and we just saw another great example in the hung jury over the murder of walter scott.

Walter Scott is a great example of a problem, but when you mix that case with this one where there is no video and all the early witnesses are already proven to be liars you hurt the agenda you are trying to push.

Not every case of a White guy shooting a Black is based on race, when you dishonestly try to male every case about Race you prove yourself to be the unreasonable one.

White privilege means not simply an assumption of innocence preferable to Caucasians, but an assumption of guilt on African Americans.

Maybe some cases work out that way, but not in this case, there was absolutely nothing in anything done that implies race played any role in any of it. When you try to dishonestly insert that into the event you actually cause more harm to your cause.


That is another lie, celebrities of all colors routinely get released from custody when everyone else goes to jail, McKnight was a sports hero in the area, he would not have even had to endure the hours of questioning the White guy had to endure.

That is the message we receive on a daily basis and why people simply assume African Americans are guilty and largely for nothing but existing.

If you feel that way is it because of the false narrative you are pushing on yourself, not due to any real conspiracy against you. Still today more White people die at the hands of cops, right at twice as many even though police get about the same number of calls for White and Black suspects. Yes we have more White people, but police are not evenly spread over all Americans at the same time, they only go where they are called or sent to and when we just look at police calls, they get about the same number of calls for both races, but when police show up, White people die twice as often.

But you don;t want to see that fact, you want to wallow in the mindset of a victim, you want to insert race where it does not belong because it makes you feel better as a human being to see yourself as not responsible for your own problems in life.

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