show us the date and time the coroner released the info.
Brylar Foustark

show us the date and time the coroner released the info.

Oh please, now you are being childish, the coroner can make an initial assessment as to first impressions of cause of death and weapon type as well as appearance of the bullet trajectory verbally almost instantly to the police to help them determine if early claims are consistent.

Im sure you dont have to look it up. Im sure you based your claim on facts and not speculation favoring institutional racism.

I am familiar with the released statements and my own direct knowledge of how these things work, there is no reason to doubt the coroner did have a reasonable understanding of how the bullets entered the body and how that fact would prove that some of the witnesses were liars.

you clearly have no sincerity which is why you purposefully look past the racism. of course it is true that just because cops “can” hold someone it does not mean they always have to.

You are clearly stuck on your hate of White people so all you want is any and all cases of White people shooting Blacks to go to prison, even if you have to lie about what happened to make that goal a reality.

There is zero evidence that he was not acting out of self-defense and all the evidence (available now) points to the fact it was McKnight who got out of his vehicle in a fit of rage and went after the other man. Until new evidence is available that is clearly supporting the claim of self-defense.

Here is a recent story of a guy who stopped an attempted rape and gets handcuffed as a result:

But was he charged or released?

You prove me correct, lol, thanks.

Just to let you know, cops routinely handcuff everyone where there is confusion as to who did what and when but as they work out those details they can let some go, as they did with this great Black man.

Before you start flapping, the witnesses all told the cops he saved the girl. they still cuffed him.

The witnesses said in this case the White guy dragged the Black guy out of his care and executed him, all proven to be lies today. Early witness testimony is very unreliable.

The Brown case comes to mind, the witnesses all said the cop shot Brown while he was on his knees and the cop walked up and shot him in the head “execution style”. We know today all of those early witnesses were liars and even the Obama investigation and blood spatter report proves that Brown did run away a short distance, turn, then ran back in the direction of the cop and the fatal shots hit Brown while he was in a full run, not on his knees and not stationary and the head shot was not at point blank range.

Ill take hard scientific evidence over agenda driven witnesses any day.

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