I read very little of this response, because I don’t care about the political game.
Amber Lisa

Oh you read it, and like all of my other points you know you are wrong so- you go on this hate filled tirade ranting off topic to attempt to change the subject away from you being wrong, lol.

Typical far left Liberal tactic.

You hate the politics game but yo-u claim to- know all that is required of a politician and Trump is a failure, you can’t have it both ways, either yo-u follow it and have the knowledge to offer a rational opinion or you are just screaming out emotion baaed BS.

Clearly I have made my points and you can;t refute any of them so I will move on, my only goal is education and even though your pride and hate will never allow you to admit it, I forced you to take a deeper look at your hate filled attacks.

Facts not emotions Amber.

Have a nice day :)

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