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Okay, so if you ask Americans just a simple yes or no question on allowing Abortions you get most Americans saying yes, but if you ask a more nuanced question with several options to reduce abortions suddenly most Americans agree that there needs to be more work to reduce abortions.

We can certainly debate the value of abortion to society, but can we not also discuss the changes in society from 1973 to today?

When Roe v Wade was decided women faced issues involved with unwanted pregnancies that are no longer an issue today.

  1. Unwed mothers were rare and seen in a negative light, today the never wed mother is the fastest growing segment of society, more than half of all children will grow up without their father in the home. Unwed mothers are today the norm.
  2. Birth control used to be expensive and difficult to get, today Wal-Mart sells the most popular birth control for $24 dollars for a month supply, birth control methods have also expanded to lubricants and IUD’s as well as the day after pill so access to birth control is not really a serious issue compared to 1973.
  3. Husbands and boyfriends could get away with abandoning pregnant women and leaving them without any means of raising their children. Today there are some exceptions but 99% of the time women get court ordered child support and there are more welfare programs designed to help women care for their children when the father is not wanting to help.
  4. Complications from child birth have been drastically reduced from 1973 making it less dangerous for women to have children even if they have aggravating factors.
  5. Women were less accepted in the workforce. Yes I know a lot of people still complain about disparities but there can be no dispute that employment prospects are way, way, way better today for Women than they were in 1973 and with better options and ability to make more money comes a better overall picture for women and less need for women to rely on men and trapping them in situations of forced “brood mare” relationships.
  6. Women could not tell a “husband” no in 1973, rape cases against spouses were almost unheard of in 1973 but today we see them all the time and while we still need to do a better job in many cases, there is no question that the environment today is far superior to what it was in 1973.

So the scope and breadth of the reason women “NEEDED” roe v wade protections back then do not really exist in 2016. Yes there are certainly still problems, I would never say all is great, but it is all on a much different scale where the most common reason for unwanted pregnancies is irresponsibility.

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